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Verse 13
Victorious great Kings.

Vainyam Prthum Haihayamarjunam cha
Sakuntaleyam Bharatam Nalam cha |
Ramam cha yo vai smarati prabhate
Tasyarthalabho vijayascha haste ||

Prthu (Son of King Vena), Sahasrarjuna of Haihaya dynasty, Bharata (son of Sakuntala), Raja Nala, and the ideal king Sri Rama he who remembers them in the morning acquires affluence and always comes out victorious.


Major Sections
Bharat Bhakti
A look at the Hands

Salutation to the Earth

Salutation to the Primeval Deity... Thinking of Sanatkumara,
Thinking of the seven Oceans,...

Remembering the five basic Elements... 

Venerable seven Mountains Consecrate Rivers
Moksa bestowing seven cities.

Famous holy places....

Reverenciable Mothers. Great Women and Sadhviam.
Victorious great Kings.

Brahmarsi and Rajsri beings.

Seven immortal beings. Those who Saved Dharma...
Founder of various religious orders.

Saints of highest rank.

Noble traditions of saints .... Wide renounced great conquerors.
Statemen of the moral values

Great Conquerors 

Men of great Knowledge and valour. Social reformers in the Modern age.
Sons of Hindu land

 Dr.Hedgewar founder of the R.S.S

Remembrance of the unknown great souls A Obeisance to Bharat Mata
Fruit from daily recitence.... Verse 30

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