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The Master And The Disciple Meet

Dayananda, a brilliant sanyasi of 36, knocked at the door of Swamy Virajananda's school which was on the way to Vishrant Ghat in Mathura. A grave voice spoke to him from within.

Virajananda : What is your name?

Dayananda: Gurudeva, I, your servant, am called Dayananda Saraswathi.

Virajananda: What do you want?

Dayananda: I have come in search of you to beg for spiritual enlightenment.

Virajananda: Do you know grammar?

Dayananda: I have studied 'Kaumudi' and 'Saraswatha' (two famous texts of Sanskrit grammar).

Virajananda: What? Kaumudi Saraswatha? Go away from here. Those useless books! Throw them into the river Yamuna and come back. Then only I will open the door.

As ordered by the guru, Dayananda went to the river Yamuna. Dayananda had journeyed hundreds of miles carrying those books on his head. But now, without any attachment to the books, he threw them into the river and went back and said, "Gurudeva, I have carried out your orders." The door was opened.

Dayananda entered. Before him was Virajananda sitting on the deer’s skin, cross-legged. Although he was mere skin and bone, his face glowed with a matchless radiance. Dayananda fell at the feet of this embodiment of renunciation. Virajananda touched is head to bless Dayananda with affection.

Dayananda looked at his guru in amazement. The master had no eyes and could not read a single letter. But he was the living form of enlightenment and could clear all the doubts of his disciples, quoting passages from all the scriptures. Dayananda felt that this meeting with the great genius had fully rewarded all his hardships for fifteen years. He gladly surrendered himself at the feet of the great master.

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Dayananda Saraswathi- The Great Sage, the Founder of the Arya Samaj.
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