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Gandhiji Sardar Patel
Gandhiji's life was dedicated to the ideals of Truth, Non- violence and Love. He was the architect of India's freedomand one of the greatest men of this century


India's Man of Steel. He gave up his practise in order to fight for the freedom of the country. He was sent to prision. As the Deputy Prime Minister of free India, he became the architect of the integrity of India by mer- ging of hundreds of princely states with the Indian Union.
Bal Gangadhar Tilak Ramaprasad Bismil
"Swaraj is our brithright" thundered Tilak, the Lion of India. He founded schools and published newspapers all for his motherland. He wore him- self out till his last breath, to awaken his countrymen. A Brave revolutionary who up his life smilingly for the sake of the Motherland. He was hunted by the police and betrayed by fellow workers. He was the brave leader of Kakori Rail Dacoity Episode.
Bhagath Singh Khudiram Bose
He is the symbol of the heroism of the youth of India. A revolutionary. He threw a bomb when the Legislature was in session, to warn the British Government. He was put to death but lives in the hearts of his countrymen.


It was this hero who threw te first bomb on the Bristish who were crushing India. The boy of sixteen defied the police. At the age of nineteen,hebecame a martyr, wiht the holy book the Bhagavadgita ( The Divine Song) in his hand and with the slogan  ' Vande Mataram' on his lips.
Tatia Tope Ashfaqulla Khan
A hero of the fight for freedom in 1857. His very name made the mighty English generals tremble. Deceived by his friend, he faced death like a hero, for the sake of his country. The pathan patriot who kissed the hangman's noose wiht the name of Allah on his lips. A youth endowed with a body of iron and will of steel, he dedicated everything to the service of India and of freedom and challenged the cunning and the strength of an empire.
Madame Cama
The fiery patriot who first unfurled India's flag at an international assembly. She turned away from a life of luxury and lived an exile - to serve her country. And the mighty British Government grew afraid of her.
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