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The Pathan patriot who kissed the hang- man's noose with the name of Allah on his lips. A youth endowed with a body of iron and a will of steel, he dedicated everything to the service of India and of freedom and challenged the cunning and the strength of an empire.

Author - N.P.Shankaranarayana Rao

Ashfaqulla Khan

It was December 19, 1927. The winter sun rose late. His golden rays brought warmth
and joy to people shivering in the biting cold.

At sunrise that day, in the District Jail at Faizabad, officials were getting ready to put an end to the life of a man. He was a revolutionary. Officials, both high and low, were busy. The Chief Jailer inspected the rope, the sandbags and other things necessary carefully. He was fully satisfied with the arrangements; then he called out to his subordinate, "Bring the convict here." The official went with ten soldiers. The door of the cell of the man who was to die opened, with a loud harsh sound. That was the last time the door opened for this man.

The brave patriot was waiting for this call; he asked cheerfully, "Is everything ready?"

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Ashfaqulla Khan - The Pathan patriot who dedicated his life for the freedom of India
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