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Then Came Gandhiji

Gradually the spell of Gandhiji spread all over Gujarat. It changed Vallabhbhai's life, too. Gandhiji attended the Political Conference at Godhra. He andVallabhbhai met at that time, and soon became friends.

Patel was very fond of children, but he was never given to an exhibition of hisaffection. When Manibehn shyly asked him, "How are you, father?" he made a brief answer: "I am all right."

Dhayabhai sometimes tried to engage his father in conversation; but Vallabhbhai seldom responded.

Gandhiji entered Patel's home, too. He was like a father to the two children.

The training and refinement she received inculcated several good qualities in Manibehn. Love of simple life and good habits developed in her. When public life imposed a severe strain on her father she devoted herself to his service. She became his private secretary, took care of his health, and found joy and fulfillment in serving him. She was convinced that she could best serve the country by sharing his burden to the best of her ability.

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