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"Brahma, You Don't Know"

Once in Kailasa Lord Shiva was in the divine assembly. All his angelic devotees had gathered there. There was divine music and the sound of musical instruments along with singing. Bhringi was dancing. Brahma, Indra and many others were all there. Kartikeya stood in front of Shiva. Shiva merely raised his eyebrows to stop the dance, looked at Kumara once and then at Brahma. The latter stood up. Everyone was looking at him. And Brahma said, "0 lord, you asked me to start the education of your son. And I accordingly in the early hours of the dawn tried to teach him the sacred 'Omkara'. All at once he held my hand and asked, 'What is the meaning of Om?'. 'Even before learning to write, you should not ask for the meaning,' I said.

"Then, 0 lord Shiva, he scolded me and was about to beat me. He who killed Tarakasura on the seventh day after his birth certainly will not care for me! I was afraid and said I would explain the meaning. I explained the spiritual significance of the word 'Om' in twelve thousand verses. Still he was not satisfied and said, 'Brahmadeva, you don't know.' He is standing before you. You may yourself explain the meaning of 'Omkara' 
which is the Pranava. I do not know more than what I have already explained."

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