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Paving The Way For The War

There were great and wise and brave men like Bhishma and Drona, in Duryodhana's court. But every one respected Krishna. In a dignified way and in -measured words he explained why he had come to Hasthinavathi.

He said, "The Pandavas follow Truth. They have fulfilled their promise by spending twelve years in exile and one year in disguise. It is, therefore, right that Duryodhana should return their kingdom and live with them in peace andfriendship." Sages like Parashurama, Kanva and Narada advised Duryodhana to accept the offer of the Pandavas. Dhritarashtra, Duryodhana's father, also said, "Listen to the advise of Krishna; do not ruin yourself by insisting on fighting."

Duryodhana's grandfather Bhishma, a I man of great wisdom, Drona,Duryodhana's Guru, all told Duryodhana that he should make peace with his cousins. "Do not unnecessarily sacrifice the lives of millions of people on the battlefield."

Duryodhana was - obstinate. "Say what you will, I am not – prepared to return the kingdom to the Pandavas I am not afraid of war. As long as I am alive  I will not give the Pandavas, even enough land to drive the point o a needle in."

An evil thought flashed to Duryodhana, Dusshasana and Karna 'Krishna is the friend of the Pandava,, and without him they are nothing. If he is captured and put behind the bars...!

Krishna understood their minds.

The Kauravas tried to tie up Krishna, Krishna then assumed his cosmic form. All the gods were seen in his body Flames flashed from his face and he was more dazzling than the sun.

Karna was a great friend of Duryodhana. He was a great warrior. It was difficult to decide who was great in the art of archery, Kama or Arjuna, He had unflinching loyalty to Duryodhana. Krishna knew that Kama would be a danger to the Pandavas on the battlefield.

Karna was in truth the son of Kunthi, the mother of Pandavas. She gave birth to him before she married Panduraja. Kama was brought up by, a childless Fisherman and his wife. Later Duryodhana treated him as a friend and showered honours on him.

Krishna thought if Kama could be attracted to the camp of the Pandavas, Duryodhana would be considerably weakened.

Krishna took Karna into his chariot and spoke to him affectionately: "You are the son of Kunthi, come away with me. The Pandavas will be very glad to welcome you as their elder brother. You will be the king." Karna refused. He said, "Duryodhana has complete faith in me. When all people looked down upon me as low-born, only Duryodhana treat me as a man. I cannot betray him."

Krishna said, "If there is a war d not kill the Pandavas. Do not forge they are your brothers."

"There will be war.Duryodhan Dusshasana, myself and others a going to die. I know this. Permit me t take leave of you," Kama said.

Krishna admired Karna's loyalty an embraced him.

Krishna's mission succeeded. H knew that Karna would lose half hi strength if he came to know that the Pandavas were his brothers. Kunthi also met Karna. This meeting, too, was planned by Krishna. Karna promise that he would not kill any of the Pandavas except Arjuna. The stage was set for the war. Bot Duryodhana and A6una waited on Krishna. -Each wanted that Krishna should join him with his Yaclavas.

Krishna said, "I myself am not going to fight. I shall join one side. The entire Yadava army will join the other side. Now choose."

"I choose the army". Said Duryodhana.

"I shall be content with Krishna," said Arjuna.

And so it came about that the Yadava forces joined Duryodhana.

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