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Purity of mind and unswerving faith in the efficacy of the spiritual path are exempli- fied in the life of Ambareesha, a great devotee.  Durvaasa, though full of learning, had to face travails because of lack of self-control.  Ambareesha, by his piety, saved Durvaasa from the wrath of Sudarshana Chakra, the weapon of Lord Vishnu.  The name of Ambareesha is  associated with the Ekaadashi vow - i.e., fortnightly observance of fast coupled with  meditation on the Supreme.

Author - Jaggu Vakulabhushana


Celebration of festivals and fulfillment of vows are occasions of joy and enthusiasm for everybody at home.  Our elderly persons of yore were of the view that worshipping God, observing feasts and fulfilling vows would fetch a lot of merit.

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Ambareesha - A Great Devotee
About Ambareesha
You are Here! Introduction
The Vow Of Ekaadashi
Naabhaaga Devoted To Studies
Forgot To Give A Share
Father's Blessings
Rewarded With Wealth
"Naabhaaga, This is Wrong"
A Boon From Rudra
Ambareesha In Gurukula
King Ambareesha
Strict Observance of Vows
During One Ekaadashi...
Durvaasa Himself The Guest
Durvaasa Fails To Turn Up
Durvaasa Came Back, But... !
Sudarshana Chakra Issues Forth
From One World To Another
"Seek Refuge InAmbareesha Only"
To Ambareesha
"Spare Durvaasa"
Sudarshana Chakra Relents
Greatness Of Ambareesha
The Vow Fulfilled
Another Episode
Both Approach Vishnu
Swayamvara Take Place
The Divine Person
When Reason is Blinded....


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