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The Vow of Ekaadashi

A month is divided into two 'Pakshas' (fortnights). One is 'Shukla Paksha' (bright fortnight), and another is 'Krishna Paksha' (dark fortnight). The period commencing on the first day after the new moon day up to the full moon day is 'Shukla Paksha'. The period after the full moon day up to the end of new moon day is 'Krishna Paksha', One 'Paksha' means fifteen days. 'Vow' means religious regulation. The eleventh day of every 'Paksha' is called 'Ekaadashi'. This is regarded as a major vow. It is also called 'Hari-vaasara' (the day devoted to Sri Hari, the Supreme God). Eldeyrly people adhering to this vow observe complete fast on that day. Some take only snacks or milk. The whole day 'is spent in prayer, meditation and singing of bhajans. The next day is 'Dwaadashi' (the
Twelfth Day). Those who would have observed fast the previous day, bathe in the morning, then worship their  deity, and treat some guests to a sumptuous feast; and only after this will they take their food. This completes the  vow of Ekaadashi.

Fasting for a day once in a fortnight and spending the whole day in prayer and meditation is good for both body and mind. Both will be clean and fresh. This also helps us gain control over the body. Everyday, every moment we will be having some thought or the other passing through our mind. However much we may try to avoid them, some bad thoughts invade our mind. If the vow of Ekaadashi is observed at least for one day, we can be free from   these troubling thoughts and cares and we can set our mind on God only. Those who observe Ekaadashi spend the entire day in thoughts connected with God, singing His glory, and in the company of pious and devotional persons. In this manner the mind becomes purified and experiences peace.

Those who engage themselves in fasting and singing bhajans on Ekaadashi day with all sanctity and solemnity attached to the vow believe that this pleases, God and brings merit for them. They also believe that in times of difficulties God will come to their rescue. The story of Ambareesha is one such story of a great soul who was  protected by God's Grace in a most trying situation, because of his having observed regularly the vow of Ekaadashi.

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