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During One Ekaadashi...

Ambareesha used to observe certain vows. Among them was Ekaadashi, which he performed along. With his wife in intense faith and devotion. Both husband and wife would fast the whole day. They would spend the day in meditation and prayer. The whole night they would sing bhajans or sit in meditation and would not sleep. The next day being Dwaadashi, they would, after meditating and serving the guests, take their food. This is known as 'Paarane' - the ceremonial way of breaking the fast. This is how the vow of Ekaadashi would be concluded. Ambareesha,  used to observe every Ekaadashi scrupulously.

Once Ambareesha resolved to perform the vows of Ekaadashi and Dwaadashi for one year and conclude this course with a special fasting followed by the 'Paarane'. It was thus carried on for a year it was completed in the month of Kaartik. During this month Ambareesha fasted for three days preceding Dwaadashi. All the three nights he spent in worship and prayer. The fourth day was Dwaadashi. That day he bathed in the river Yamuna and worshipped his deity.

On such - days as this he wished to have some guests. If pious and good people, the old and the revered were to come, he would be happy to welcome them and treat them hospitably. He could take food with them and get their blessings. This was his wish. So on Dwaadashi day he waited eagerly for some chance guests to arrive.

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