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Durvaasa fails to turn up

The sage bathed in the river. After this he sat for meditation and forgot the entire world. He was not conscious of the time at all. Fixing his mind on God he forgot himself.

Thus passed the afternoon. The evening set in. Yet sage Durvaasa's prayer was not over He did not come back to the palace from the river.

Ambareesha become worried. The Dwaadashi day was coming to a close. If he did not take food before the dayclosed, his vow of Ekaadashi would become ineffective. If he were to take any food, it would amount to a sin of eating without first feeding the guest. Besides, Durvaasa was known to be a very short-tempered man. King Ambareesha was thus caught in the homs of this dilemma and began to feel miserable.

At last he consulted the brahmins who were his court scholars wellversed in scriptures, as to what he should do in such a situation.They suggested,"YourHighness may take some holy water used in the worship of God. It will not be a violation of the vow."

Upon this advice Ambareesha took only some holy water. Then the waited for the sage to come back.

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You alone can protecet me.  Please save me, Ambareesha,
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