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Durvaasa Came Back, But……!

After many hours, Durvaasa's meditation was over finishing his worship, he got up and came to the palace. He came to know through intuition that Ambareesha had drunk water even before his arrival. He became terribly angry. With brows knit up, and eyes growing red, his whole body shook with rage.

Ambareesha bowed in reverence to the sage with great devotion and modesty and appealed, "Pray be pleased to walk in. I have been wafting for you only"

To this sage Durvaasa burst out "Ambareesha, your wealth has made you senseless and swell with arrogance.Icame to your palace on my own accord. I was your guest. You invited me to stay for 'Paanane.' But now you have already finished 'Paarane' without me. For this insolent act you shall presently suffer a severe punishment."

Ambareesha begged forgive me, Sir. After Ekaadashi, before the closing of the day of Dwaadashi, the observer of  the vow must take something. Otherwise the vow will be infructuous. In fact I waited for you till the Dwaadashi was about  to be over. But your good self did not come. I have therefore taken only some holy water. Dinner is ready. I' request you to proceed to the dining-hall Please don't be angry with me," he implored very politely.

Durvaasa's anger was not cooled. He created out of his mantric power a horrid-looking goddess of evil force to
kill Ambareesha.

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