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Sudarshana Chakra Issues Forth

That goddess of evil power roared thunderously and with a trident in hand stood in front of Ambareesha.

All the people of Ambareesha's family and court trembled. What will be the fate of our king? For no fault of his he has to die now. Is there no hope of his escape? "They wailed and shed tears.

Ambareesha did not fear a bit. He stood with folded hands praying within his mind to God Srihari. Sriman Narayana saw his devotee in that plight. He sent forth his Sudarshana Chakra to protect his devotee from the goddess of evil Durvaasa.

What a wonder! In a moment the Sudarshana Chakra issued forth with a blazing flame and killed the goddess of
evil force on the spot. Then it proceeded towards Durvaasa to kill him.

Durvaasa was terrified. He ran for his life.

The Sudarshana Chakra of Vishnu,emitting flames and making a terrific sound,chased Durvaasa.

Durvaasa was himself a sage of great penance, and was quite powerful. But he was helpless before this Vishnuchakra.

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