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From One World to Another

Seeing the Chakra rushing towards himself Durvaasa became panicky. He took to his heels and ran without, stopping anywhere. The Chakra relentlessly pursued him. The sage entered a cave in Mount Meru to escape from it. The Chakra also entered the cave following him. Then the sage field to heaven. The Sudarshana Chakra was
always at his heels. Over hills, dales and forests, wherever he ran, it chased him. Thus, all over earth and heaven, the sage fled from place to place. Sudarshana Chakra pursued him. At last he turned towards Satyaloka, the word of Brahma.

He approached Brahma. "I am being chased and pestered by Sudarshana, Chakra, 0 Lord, please protect me by
stopping it," he appealed. To this Brahma said, NI do not have so much power as to stop Sudarshana Chakra, my dear sage. Go and appeal to Vishnu. Only He can save you.'

From there Durvaasa went to God Shankara. "Save me from Sudarshana Chakra," he implored Shankara. "You had
better pray to Vishnu Himself, as this is His Chakra," advised Shankara.

By this time Durvaasa had realised that only he and not Ambareesha was at fault. "Ambareesha drank some holy water only in strict adherence to the rules of the vow and not out of arrogance. He was very polite with me. It was my fault to have sent a goddess of evil power to kill him. The root-cause of all this disaster was my own anger," he thought within himself.

He went to God Vishnu. "0 Lord, Shankha - Chakra-Gadadhara, save me. There is no one but you to rescue me. Please forgive my fault and save my life by withdrawing your Sudarshana Chakra, " he prayed appealing in several ways to His mercy.

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