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To Ambareesha

Durvaasa was in deep grief. Sudarshana Chakra was still pursuing him. Even the trinity of great Gods-Brahma,Vishnu and Ishwara-had declared that they were in- capable of saving him. So he ran to Ambareesha and clasped his feet in obeisance.

Several days thus passed. Durvaasa had traveled over Satyaloka, Kailasa and \/ykunta before coming to Ambareesha. Till then Ambareesha had remained fasting as his guest Durvaasa had not taken food.

Durvaasa said, addressing Ambareesha, "0 Ambareesha, great king and the best "among devotees, even the trio of Gods were not able to ' protect me.They advised me to appeal to you only. I became angry with you, though you had not done any wrong. I even attempted to kill you. Please forget all that. Now you alone can protect me from this Sudarshana Chakra. Please save me" Thus Durvaasa entreated Ambareesha.

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