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"Spare Durvaasa"

Ambareesha was of very good nature. He had great respect for Durvaasa as a sage of spiritual eminence. He pitied his plight. He was embarrassed to see such a sage touching his feet.He prayed to Sudarshana Chakra which came pursuing the sage: "O king of Chakras, embodiment of efful- gence, you yourself are Agni, Sun you are, and even Moon the lord of all stars are yourself. You are Dharma.You are courage ; you destroy the wicked and the cruel who indulge in unrighteous acts; you protect the pious and saintly There is none who can oppose you. You can perform wonderful deeds.If you are favorable there is nothing that is impossible. Therefore I am praying to you with folded hands. Please spare the life of sage Durvaasa."Such was hisprayer, made with a sincere and pure heart. True, Durvaasa had teased the faultless Ambareesha and went to the extent of even killing him. But Ambareesha did not nurse any illwill towards the sage. He did not even rake it up saying, well, this is  what you did.' for the sake of sage Durvaasa who had surrendered, he prayed to Sudarshana chakra.

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O Durvaasa, go to Ambareesha and seek protectin.  Only he can save you,
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