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Naabhaaga Devoted to Studies

You must have heard of the city of Ayodhya. It is on the bank of the river Sarayu. Many great Wings and rulers  ruled there.

Nabhaga, the son of Manu, also was a king there. He was very noble. He had many children, and ihe youngest of them was Naabhaaga.

Naabhaaga was fond of learning even from his young age. He used to be engaged in studies always.

Education in those times was provided in Gurukulas. One who studies is a student, is he not? 'Student' means one who longs for and goes in search of knowledge. In ancient times boys would leave their parents and go to Gurukulas for education. They were required to give up all luxuries and pleasures and lead a simple life to pursue their studies. earnestly. The children would go and live in the hermitage of a Guru. Even princes had to go like  this and live with a Guru in order to be educated. Similarly Naabhaaga went to a hermitage for his education. It had a calm atmosphere. The inmates there lived quietly and happily like friends, free from any disturbance or quarrel. The teachers were very learned men who taught their pupils with great affection. Every day dawned with an opportunity to learn new things, and every day ended with the joy of having acquired some new knowledge.  So the life at Gurukula became very attractive to him. Is there any limit to learning? Thus he stayed in the Gurukula taking up studies one after another. He did not return to his palace for many years.

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