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Sudarshana Chakra Relents

In response to the prayer of Ambareesha, the deity of Sudarshana Chakra appeared in his divine form'. He had sixteen arms, sixteen hands. His body was radiating light. Ambareesha enjoyed ecstatic bliss at this divine manifestation. Again he prayed to the lord of Chakras with intense devotion to save sage Durvaasa.

The king of Chakras, in compliance with Ambareesha's request, assured him that he would spare the life of sage Durvaasa. Hearing this, Ambareesha's joy was boundless. By his piety, Durvaasa's life had been saved.

After this the king of Chakras said to Sage Durvaasa, " look here, O Sage! A Brahmin is one who is without anger or desire. He should always be kind and compassionate. He should lead a regulated and righteous life. He must always look upon the devo- tees of Vishnu with love. Anger is bad for man. In anger one might even kill one's own father and mother. How could you think of killing Ambareesha who was guilt- less and who had such great devotion to God? Are not your penance and holy sacrifices all a waste? Your fault is un- pardonble. Yet, by the prayer of Amba- reesha, the greatest of God's devotees, you got a lease of life. Don't err again." Having advised thus, he disappeared.

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