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The Vow Fulfilled

Ambareesha felt abashed on hearing Durvaasa praise him like this.

"Great sage," he said with all humility, folding his hands, "Your praise is indeed a blessing to me. But all this is God's Grace. It is He who directs. I just act as He guides me. That is all. You are tired. It was I who caused this fatigue to you. Kindly forgive me. You too observed Ekaadashi fast and did not break the fast on Dwaadasi.
Please forget all that has happened and accept my hospitality Graciously favor me doing 'Paarane' here only." So saying, Ambareesha made obeisance toDurvaasa prostrating at his feet.

Sage Durvaasa felt ashamed of himself. How polite and courteous was Amba- reesha even towards one who had wished him ill!

He was very much pleased also with his request. Paarane' was finished. After that Ambareesha also took his food.

Sage Durvaasa blessed Ambareesha and left the palace.

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