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Another Episode

There is one other episode about Amba- reesha. He had a daughter by name Sreemati. Once two sages came to his
court. They were Narada and Parvata. Ambareesha received them with due respect and treated them hospitably Both were sages who had performed penance. Still, strange as  looked, both desired to marry Sreemati. They who had renounced all pleasures and had spent their life in meditation did not think how difficult it would be for the princess to adjust herself to their way of life if she were to marry one of them. Both met Ambareesha separately and privately without each other’s know- ledge.Each asked him,"Give your daughter in marriage to me."

The king had no wish to marry his daughter to either of them. But they were sages possessing the power of penance. He did not want to go against their wish. And both of them wanted to marry Sreemati. The King was in a dilemma. At last he said, "Revered Sirs, since both of you desire to marry Sreemati, it is better we leave it to her decision. I shall arrange for a Swayam- vara (a special -congregation of suitors wherein a princess is free to choose one of them to marry her). You too can attend it. Let Sreemati choose whomsoever she likes."

This appeared to them reasonable. They agreed.

But both harbored apprehensions within their minds: What if she should choose the other man?’

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