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Swayamvara Takes Place

Ambareesha arranged for theSwayamvara. Narada and Parvata arrived at the Royal Hall enthusiastically. "Parvata's face will look like a monkey's to Sreemati. She will reject him and marry me only," thought Narada feeling confident of him. "Looking at Narada's bear-face, Sreemati will be horrified. She will then wed me only,"
Parvata chuckled.

Ambareesha conducted his daughter into the Swayamvara Hall. She was holding in her hand a beautiful garland. She would put it round the neck of the one whom she approved.

The king did not see any change in the faces or features of the two sages.

Ambareesha told Sreemati,"Deardaughter, take a look at these two sages. Both of them are desirous of marrying you. You may choose any one you like."

Sreemati looked at them. She was struck with wonder. She said, "0 father, I don't see any sage here. One has the face of a bear and the other has the face of a monkey. What am I to do?"

Both the sages were surprised to hear her say like this. Narada mused, 'So Parvata's face has been made to look like that of a monkey. It is Vishnu's doing. But why does she say that my face is like of a bear? '

Parvata, on the other side, wondered, 'Vishnu's boon has come true, no doubt, if Narada has the face of a bear. But why should mine look like the face of a monkey?’

At last Narada said, "Ambareesha, you must be playing some trick on us because you do not like to give your daughter in marriage to either of us."

Even on hearing his daughters words Ambareesha had been puzzled enough. Now the words of Narada and the  anger shown on the faces of the two sages completely bewildered him. He feared that the sages might pronounce a curse on him. " 0, Revered Sires, please have patience. I am at a loss to know what is happening," he pleaded.

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