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The Divine Person

Sreemati also feared that the sages might utter a curse on her father.

Then there appeared a very handsome person with a face beaming effulgently standing between the two sages. He was no other than Mahavishnu Himself. But Sreemati did not know it. She prayed to Mahavishnu in her mind silently, "May it be according to your will, 0 Lord," and flung the garland at them. It fell round the neck of that Divine Person. Vishnu drew Sreemati by the hand to his side and disappeared with her.

The sages Narada and Parvata with their intuition understood everything that had happened. They also felt ashamed of themselves.

Ambareesha sang the praise of Lord Vishnu's Glory for having averted the calamity, which had befallen him. He
ruled over his kingdom for a long time benevolently looking after his subjects, He earnestly carried on his prayer, meditation and worship of God. When he became old he handed over his kingdom to his sons and left for doing penance.

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