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Father's Blessings

Naabhaaga felt disappointed and distressed. He went into the forest in search of his father. He found the place  where his father lived. He went to him and made obeisance. The father was very glad to see his son after a long time. "May you live long, my dear, and may you be happy always," he blessed his son and asked, "Have you completed your education?"

Naabhaaga told his father all abouthimself. "Dear Father, I came after finishing my education successfully. But when I went home I found that all my brothers had divided the entire kingdom among them selves. They do not like to give me my share. They are all united, and I stand - alone. What shall I do?"

The father was pained to hear this. He felt sorry, for this was the only son who had the best education, and he was deprived of his share. It was obvious that it was only a lame excuse if the elder brothers said they forgot to keep aside his share; and the fact was that they did no want to give him that. Realizing his own helplessness,  being aged and a recluse in the forest, the father concluded that this son should get on only by means of his education.

So he said, "Naabhaaga, do not desire that piece of land which your brothers have taken for them by cheating you.The greedy will never be happy. I shall help you with a plan of earning your livelihood. There is the ashram of Sage Angeerasa very close to this place. That great sage has been performing a twelve-day 'Satra Yaga' sacrifice now. He is a great scholar. He knows everything. But still not knowing what rites are to be performed on the sixth day, he is now worried. I will teach you two Vedic mantras, which are to be chanted during the rites of the sixth day. You go there and chant these mantras on that occasion. Sage Angeerasa will be highly pleased at this. It will bring you good afterwards. The Vaga' undertaken now by Angeerasa will be fruitful with these two

He then taught his son the two mantras and sent him with his blessings.

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