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"Naabhaaga, This is Wrong"

When he was transporting wealth, he met on his way a dark figure that stoodblocking the way. He was god Rudra. Long ago it had been agreed among the sages that whatever remained after a yaga should go to Rudra. That is why Rudra had stopped Naabhaaga on his way.

He said, "Naabhaaga, the remains of this yaga rightly belong to me. You are wrong in carrying them away for yourself."

Naabhaaga replied, 'O celestial figure, as Sage Angeerasa has given these things to me, they are rightfully mine-"

Both started arguing. At last Rudra said, "Naabhaaga, let us refer this matter to your father. Let him decide it fairly for us.

Both went to Nabhaga and related the whole case to him. Nabhaga then said, "My dear son, it is but just that this wealth should go to Rudra. Long ago, at the time of the yaga performed by Daksha, all the sages had resolved that the remains of a yaga should belong to Rudra. Therefore surrender all this wealth to Rudra and apologise to him."

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