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Ambareesha in Gurukula

Receiving instruction from Rudra himself, Naabhaaga become a great scholar. He had a son. And this was the great Ambareesha. He had inherited all the fine qualities of his father.

The beginnings of his devotion to God could be seen in his earliest age. Always meditating on God, singing bhajans and reading good and sacred books became his regular habit.

As usual, in course of time Ambareesha joined a Gurukula.He learnt all the subjects very quickly. He was deeply interested in learning. So he gained knowledge with ease.

Learning makes on modest. Ambareesha learnt how to behave with elders and how to conduct himself in the company of other. He would never hurt the feelings of others. He would not utter a fie even under trying circumstances. He used to speak only truth.

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