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Devotee of Panduranga Vittala. Though suffering hardships from a cruel mother- in- law and a foolish husband, She bore it and reposed pure 'Bhakti'(devotion) in Lord Vittala  whom, for her sake, served her people and transformed them.

A poor man and his wife lived in a town near Pandharapur. Though poor, they were lead- ing a peaceful, contented life. They would, within their limitations, make dona- tions to charities; they would welcome and entertain guests.They were partaking in others' joys and helping those in difficulties.  They were liked by all.

Pandharapur is a holy place. Panduranga Vittala is the presiding deity there. There were a large number of devotees in that vicinity worshipping Him. The poor couples too were among them. They had no children and it distressed them. They ardently wor- shipped Vittala daily and prayed for getting children. As though in response to their devout prayers, the poor man's wife gave birth to a female child. The baby grew up into a beautiful girl possessing many good qualities since childhood. Sakhu had imbibed in her a deep sense of devotion of God. She assisted in the 'Puja' at house by preparing flower-garlands, sandal- wood paste, etc., tended the cattle, assisted her mother with cooking and was constantly engaged in useful domestic chores. The parents loved her immensely.

Neighbors looked upon this smiling, active girl with delight. She would never hurt anybody nor utter harsh words. She made friends with other children and played with them. She respected the elders and was devoted to them. Everybody loved her.

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Sakhubai-Devotee of Panduranga Vittala
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