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A leader gifted with amazing intellectual brilliance. He gave up his lucrative law Practice for the sake of the country. He said and did what he thought was right, with no fear of displeasing the people and the leaders. From the Presidentship of town municipality to the Governor- Generalship of Free India, he bestowed luster on the positions he held. He was at once a child of Indian culture and a Citizen
of the World.

Author - Ananda D.Deshpande


The last days of the year 1931, in the Central Jail at Vellore. A number of freedom fighters were imprisoned there. Some of them were sitting under a tree in the open yard. As they were chatting, a lean man, wearing dark glasses, and trying to tighten the dhoti he was wearing, walked across the courtyard. The men who were squatting under the tree stood up respectfully.

"Who is that?" one of them asked.

"You don’t know? He is Rajaji, the man who is worthy of being our Governor General" replied Professor N.G. Ranga, who happened to be there.

About seventeen years later, Rajaji did become India's Governor General.

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Rajaji - A Leader gifted wiht amazing intellectual brilliance
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