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Vikramaditya Harischandra
An Ideal king who was as wise as he was brave and strong. Matchless in War and     matchless in forgiveness, an excellent ruler, he won the hearts of his people. With his vow to remain truthful at all times, Harischandra successfully faced the rigorous challenge posed by Vishwamitra. Though a king, he sacrificed everything  including his kingdom and even his wife.
Yudhishtira Ashoka
The eldest of the Pandava brothers, the heroes of the great epic, the Mahabharatha. Yudhishtira lived for justice, and patiently suffered humiliation and exile. The Wheel which adorns the flag of free India has kept his memory green. Lord of a vast empire, after a great victory sick of violence and took an oath never to fight again.He was an Ideal ruler.
Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Keladi Chennamma
The great heroine of the First War of Indian Freedom. She lived for only twenty-two years. Jhansi, of which she was the queen, was in grip of cruel British. she was a queen of small state but the empress of limitless empire of glory. She ruled over a small state, Keladi for twentyfive years (1671-1696). but proved herself a great and heroic queen. She protected the kingdom when her husband failed his duty. And she faced the wrath of the mighty Aurangazeb, and gave shelter to Rajaram, Shivaji's son.
Shivaji Kharavela
The hero who escaped from the prison of the Mughal Emperor himself, to become the ruler of a kingdom devoted to Dharma and service of the people.He was one of the wisest rulers as he was one   of the greatest generals. A Great king of Kalinga who ruled twenty-one centures ago. Coming to the throne when the state was in distress,he brought confidence and self-respect to the people. And he refused to join hands with a Foreign army against an Indian Prince.
Dileepa Hakka-Bukka
An illustrions king of the solar dynasty. an ancestor of Sri Rama. Though renowned for his valour. Dileepa tended the celestial cow Nandini like a cowherd. In an ultimate act of piety, he offered himself as food to a lion to protect Nandini and thus proved his worthiness in a test posed by Nandini. Hakka was the first ruler of the famous kindom of VIjayanagar, and Bukka his brother, the second ruler. They opposed the mighty Sultan of Delhi and brought unity and freedom to south India. They were great not only as warriors but also as rulers.



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