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The Holy Sun-Dynasty

You have heard of Sri Ramachandra. He belonged to the race of the Sun god. One of his famous ancestors in that race was Dileepa.

Sri Rama's father was Dasharatha, who was born to Aja. Aja's father was the great king Raghu, because of whom the dynasty was also known as Raghuvamsha, or the race of Raghu. Raghu's father was emperor Dileepa.

Even before Dileepa there were quite a few great and good kings in the solar race of kings. Of them Harischandra was known for his truthfulness.

The kings of the Sun-dynasty lived very good lives. Not doing anything evil and being pure, they ruled over the kingdom only for the welfare of the people. They were interested only in good things. And they never left anything half-done. They were all very heroic. They helped the angels too. They performed sacrifices as prescribed, for the good of the world. And they were very generous to the needy. They knew statecraft very well. They never uttered falsehood or practiced deceit. They thought that the countrys good was their own good and were always careful. They did not have the selfishness that happiness should be theirs only and they only should be profited. They collected money and gave it away as gifts. They spent to help others. They spoke sparingly but truthfully.

The kings of the Sun-race had a vast realm. Yet the way the princes of this dynasty were educated was surprising. Those kings thought that if there were no keen desire for knowledge, then know- ledge would not come that there could be no knowledge without humility and hard work. So they got their children educated just like all other children. Even these princes stayed in the abode of theteachers and did all service to them. They went on rounds, as prescribed, seeking alms. With all humility they learnt from' their teachers. No such prince could ever get the feeling that he was the son of an emperor and therefore superior to other students. When they grew up, they served society; when old, they gave up their kingdom, lived in hermitages like sages, and finally practicing control of the senses through yoga, and gave up their lives in the meditation of God. King Dileepa was of such lofty lineage.

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