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End of Veera Ballala

Just as the struggle for freedom was gaining victory after victory in the northern portion of the Hoysala Empire, very sad news reached Vijayanagar. The fight, which Veera Ballala had started against the cruel officers of the Sultan of Delhi in the region of Madurai, was still going on. Madurai was yet in the hands of the enemies. Veera Ballala surrounded that strong fortress. The local leaders did not render any help to him, because they were afraid of the Sultan's officers. Hakka and Bukka were too busy in the north to go to his help. Nor could they send any army to assist him.

At this stage, the Sultan's generals deceived Veera Ballala. They told him that if he permitted them to go back to their own places with their wealth and their belongings they would hand over Madurai to him without a fight. Veera Ballala believed them, raised the siege and turned back. The Sultan's army rushed out of the fort all of a sudden, and fell on Veera Ballala's army. In the unequal battle that followed, Veera Ballala was killed. He was eighty then.

Veera Ballala was a very unfortunate king. He fought for twenty long years in the cause of his country and Dharma. He showed a rare political farsightedness in the establishment of the Vijayanagar kingdom. But most people have forgot him.

Virupaksha, son of Veera Ballala, was in contrast an inefficient and incapable ruler.
Veera Ballala had several chieftains under him. As long as he was on the throne they
were all-afraid of him and were obedient. But once Virupaksha came to the throne, they wanted to become independent. So Hakka and Bukka themselves had to look after the welfare of the Hoysala Empire. In course of time, the Hoysala Empire merged into the Vijayanagar Empire.

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Vidyaranya, the great saint of South India, blessed Harihara and Bukkaraya
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