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The Magnificent Vijayanagar

The new capital was named 'Vijayanagar'; the name means 'the City of Victory'; this was in honor of the grand victory that Harihara and his brothers had scored against the Sultan of Delhi. Later the empire that Harihara. Built was also named 'Vijayanagar'.

This was the first victory that the united kings of the South scored against the Sultan of Delhi. Thereafter it took several years more for them to drive out completely all the forces of the Sultan from South India. But Hindu Dharma had to regain strength. Harihara and his brothers with the help of Veera Ballala founded the Vijayanagar Empire and this was a good beginning. The attacks of the Sultan of Delhi ended and South India became free once again.

Later, Vijayanagar became a great empire in India. Famous emperors like Proudhadeva Raya, Krishnadeva Raya, Salva Narasimha and Aliya Rama Raya brought greater and greater glory to the throne of Vijayanagar. Still the people did not forget Hakka and Bukka. Their very names suggest that they wereKannadigas. Many dedicated warriors fought for the preservation of the freedom of the country and the preservation of Hindu Dharma. Hakka and Bukka were gems among these champions.

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