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"The Child Shall Be Sacrificed"

Sri Rama belonged to the family of the lkshvakus. Harischandra also desperately that she said to herself : 'It is enough if I can give birth to a child, however short-lived its existence might be. At least that will save me from the odium of being 'a barren women'. King Harischandra felt the same agony. He too longed for a child. The husband and wife observed many a ritual and went on extensive pilgrimages. At last they were able to propitiate god Varuna and secure his benediction. Varuna blessed them with a son whom he wanted to be offered as a sacrifice to him. The husband and wife were helpless and they had to agree to the condition laid down by the god.

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Harischandra -  A Great King, with his vow to remain truthful all the times !
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