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Wife And Son For Sale

A new town. And they were utter strangers. How was the king to find money for clearing his debts? The stipulated time was drawing nearer. And there was Nakshatraka for dogging and vexing them. The helpless and desperate Harischandra bathed in the Ganges, went to the Lord Vishweshwara's temple and offered prayer. Even then he was restless. His wife suggested: Why don't you sell my son and me and pay off the debts? Harischandra was shocked. How could one sell one's wife and son?

Then the wife admonished' are your wife and son more important to you than your honor? Do not hesitate. We resent your decision. Please go ahead."

There was no way out. The mighty monarch of Sri Rama's lineage prepared himself to sell his wife and son. He wandered from street to street crying like a hawker that he would offer for sale his wife and son. At last, to their misfortune, a Brahmin customer came. He found fault with 'the woman' and said she was 'old'. 'The boy is a weakling,' he sniffed at him. He haggled and at last bought them both for cash. When the king paid the money to Nakshatraka he debited it towards his 'daily allowance'; and the loan amount remained unpaid.

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Harischandra -  A Great King, with his vow to remain truthful all the times !
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