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The Watchman of the Cremation Ground

Even as the last date for the repayment was drawing closer, Harischandra began to grow panicky and was ready to sell him. He placed a straw on his head and went out in the street crying. "I am a king of Ikshwaku dynasty. I am offering my self for sale." Thus he wandered from morning to evening in the streets of Varanasi.

At last a buyer turned up. He was Veerabahu, an outcast in charge of the burning-ground. He bloated with wine and his body was reeling with intoxication. He offered to buy Harischandra who was for a minute disturbed by a doubt as to whether it was right for a highborn Ikshwaku King like him to sell himself to a lowbornperson. But the thought of the heavy burden of the debts he owed to Vishwamitra tormented him and he had already committed himself to the bargain. The die was cast.

Now, Harischandra was no longer unbusinesslike. He cautiously stipulated his price " I want as much gold as would, if piled up, reach the height of a coin tossed up by a man standing on an elephant's back. That is my price."

"If I give you as much gold as would cover an elephant, what would be the quantum of work you do?" Veerabahu asked.

Harischandra, said: "Well, after all I am your servant. I shall do every thing you order me to do." Then Veerabahu threw before him a huge heap of money and employed the king of Ayodhya as his servant. He told him that his work was to be the watchman of the cremation ground.

The heap of gold dazzled the eyes and Harischandra handed over the entire sum to Nakshatraka. Nakshatraka felt ashamed. He reflected on the meanness of his 'Guru' and the nobility of the king. I am fortunate in having been in such close proximity to the king,' he mused. He went to his master to hand over the money.

Vishwarnitra was greatly agitated. Here was a man who remained undefeated in any ordeal. He made up his mind to try again - he thought of more horrifying trials for the king.

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Harischandra -  A Great King, with his vow to remain truthful all the times !
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