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The Son's Dead Body in the Mother's Arms

You will remember that Chandramati and Rohitashwa were living as serfs at the Brahmin's house. He was an evil 'avatar' of Vishwamitra; he harassed them endlessly. They had slaved from morning to evening. They were cribbed and starved. The master often pricked them with foul words. Their life was full of blood and tears. They struggled hopefully and looked forward to better days.

One day when Rohitashwa was gathering faggots (for the ritual fire) in the woods, he was stung by a serpent. It was already already nightful when the news reached home.

Chandramati's heart the midst of all indignity and adversity her son was the only solace to her. Now, even he was gone and her hands were empty.

But she could not afford to waste time in weeping and whimpering. The son's body was lying in the woods and she had to cremate the body She was all-alone.

Even to go out to cremate the body she had to obtain her master's permission. He was too hard-hearted and gave her permission only after the day's stipulated charges were over. Her grief was inconsolable and at the end of the day she went into the forest to search for the dead body. She found it and wept her heart out. Frantically she lifted the body and went to the cremation ground. She placed it there. She had no money to buy firewood. She gathered together the half-burnt faggots and placed her son's body on the funeral pyre. She was about to light the pyre.

What an agonizing moment to a mother!

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Harischandra -  A Great King, with his vow to remain truthful all the times !
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