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Death Penalty for Chandramati

Vishwamitra, who was suffering defeat after defeat, made a last bid to trap the king. That night some robbers kidnapped the prince of Varanasi and killed him for the sake of his jewels. When the child was crying in deathly throes, Chandramati came there and mistook the dying boy for her son. The robbers decamped, leaving the stolen jewels and the dying boy. Chandramati was mistakenly caught by the king's men and was charged with the murder of the prince.

When she was summoned for interrogation before the king, she was benumbed and speechless. Although the king pitied her, he had been greatly shocked by his son's death. He ordered that she be executed by Veerabahu, the public hangman. But the latter assigned the task to his serf, the watchman of the burning ghat.

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