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"This is my Wish and you may strike the Blow"

Harischandra was waiting for the woman and hoping that she would return with the cremation fees for burning her son's body. Now he had to agree to put her to death as ordered by his master. He led her to the gallows stone and told her to offer her last prayers to her God. He did not attempt to find out who the woman was. He did not need it. In her present state, he could never have recognized her.

Chandramati squatted on the ground, closed her eyes and prayed to God. She remembered her 'Guru' Vasishta and offered to him her salutation. Then she looked up at the sky and said: "Let Harischandra, grow immortal through his truthfulness. Let his name last till the sun and moon last. Let the dead son come back to life. Let the lord of the land, Vishwamitra, become immortal. This is my last wish. Now you may strike the blow."

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Whgen harischandra's trial ended, Lord Ishwara appeared with his consort Parvati
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