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The Scales from the Eyes Fell

Harischandra realized his folly. It was clear to him that he had been punished for not having fulfilled his promise to the God, out of his own infatuation for his son. He could have, instead of praying for a reprieve, begged the God to relent and to release him from the obligation. He wondered what his fate would have been if instead of repeatedly asking for a reprieve he had gone back on his word. What would have been the reputation of his family? How terrible would have been the future life of his wife and son! Therefore, he made up his mind thereafter never to go back on his word under any circumstance. 'A man should be as good as his word. He should preserve its sanctity. One ought to realize the value of truth. Hereafter I shall rigorously practice truth in my daily conduct'. Accordingly he lived a life of truthfulness and became famous as 'Satyavrata' - an observer of truth.

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Harischandra -  A Great King, with his vow to remain truthful all the times !
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