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Vishwamitra's tyranny manifested itself in another terrible form. Thanks to the wild beasts, the people's sufferings were endless. Pests and insects attacked the seeds sown by the farmers

in their lands. Deer ate away the sprouting crops. Peacock and other birds ruined corn stalks. There was severe shortage of food for the people. They were terror- stricken. They supplicated to the king for instant redress '0 mighty monarch! Sofar we were not plagued by such tyranny, we feared no enemy-, we suffered no indebtedness; we hardly ever knew what was thirst and starvation. But the present condition is terrific. The seeds have dried up. The crops have failed and the streams have petered out. The menace bird and beast is unbearable" - they cried in agony. The king assured them of immediate relief and set out to hunt the wild animals. He pursues the quarry all day long and slew them. When he was pressing, forward in the. jungles, he suddenly came upon a sanctuary in which the wild animals were living together in peaceful abandon. The king went on and on and approached the precincts of a hermitage. Much to his surprise, he learnt that it was the hermitage of his family teacher, the sage Vasishta. The calmness of the place gave immense relief to the king, exhausted by the hunting exercise. He met his teacher and took his blessings. He told him of his errand and proceeded into the forest.

In the afternoon he entered the surroundings of another hermitage which presented a contrast. His fatigue and agitation increased. Then he came to know that it was the abode of the sage Vishwamitra. But he was unable to account for the change in the atmosphere. He decided to meet the sage after resting for a while. He placed his head in the lap of his wife and went to sleep.

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Harischandra -  A Great King, with his vow to remain truthful all the times !
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