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The Magic Damsels

Vishwamitra came to know that Haris- chandra had arrived at his hermitage. His scheme had succeeded. He was bent upon using his power to force the king to tell a lie. His wrath against Vasishta flared up. 'Also he remembered 'his earlier unsuccessful attempt at tempting the king. The memory of the challenge he had thrown in the court of Indra and the shame that would result if he failed aroused his vengeful feelings. In this state of mind the, sage created two beautiful girls. The sage was often motivated by intense anger, implacable enmity and motiveless malignity. These passions accounted for what was morbid in his personality. And hence these two girls created by him were of filth and dirt. They set out to tempt Harischandra as prompted by their master, the sage.

Harischandra, who was sleeping in the lap of his wife, dreamt a horrible dream. He thought it was the fore warning of some thing inauspicious. He explained his dream to his wife. She spoke assuringly;"Pray, do not be worried. However, never stray away from truth." The prince and the minister also consoled him. Just then the two girls of Vishwarnitra came. They entertained the king with their song and dance.

Harischandra was delighted. He gifted away to them his pearl necklace. But what they wanted was not just a gift. They were there to tease him, to annoy him, as instigated by sage. They tried to trap him with their clever talk. At last they wanted him to marry them. The king, who had been amused so far, flared up. How could those lowborn women ever have the cheek to ask a monarch of the Dynasty of the Sun God to marry them? Probably the times were bad, or it must be due to the pernicious influence of the locality. They deserve only physical admonition. So saying, the king beat them with a sledge hammer and drove them out. They came back to Vishwamitra and appealed for mercy.

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Harischandra -  A Great King, with his vow to remain truthful all the times !
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