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"Where Is My Fees?"

Vishwamitra again sent for the King and asked him "Where's my fees? Out with it," he demanded. The king was flabber- gasted, He had given him money and jewels, piled up to the height of a coin tossed by a man standing on an elephant's back. He had given away everything, every pie, and he was unable to under stand the fuss the sage was making. "When I have handed over to you all that I had, where is the question of my paying the duty on it?" he asked. Vishwamitra did not agree with the argument. At lasts the king got sanctioned a time limits of 48 days and left the city. The citizens wept bitterly and moaned: 'The grace our life has left us.'

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Harischandra -  A Great King, with his vow to remain truthful all the times !
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