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She ruled over a small state, Keladi, for twenty five years (1671-1696), but proved herself a great and heroic queen. She protected the kingdom when her husband failed in his duty. And she faced the wrath of the mighty Aurangazeb, and gave shelter to Rajaram, Shivaji's son.

Author - Shantadevi Malwad

Keladi Chennamma

She was the Queen of an ancient State. She had no husband. Still she fought with the many foes around and freed the kingdom from several dangers. But soon she had to face another danger.

Aurangzeb was the Moghul Emperor then. 'Alamgir' was his title. Alamgir means one who has conquered the whole world.
Aurangzeb had conquered manykingdoms in North India and had turned his eyes towards the South. His thirst for expansion was not yet quenched and his vast: powerful army attacked this small State. The reason given was that the Queen had given shelter to the son of Maharaja Shivaji.

But the Queen was not afraid. Nor did she feel sorry. She did not ask for pardon. She fa6ed the attack like a heroic woman. When the enemies themselves withdrew their attack and begged for a treaty, she was quite generous.

This heroic Queen and noble lady was Queen Chennamma of Keladi.

Chennamma ruled the kingdom of Keladi for twenty-five years. She had the complexion of a pearl, with bright eyes and a broad forehead. A long nose and curly hair adorned a face of royal dignity. The beautiful Queen was full of good qualities too. And she had the ability to kill her enemies in the battles, like Durga (the goddess of power). Beauty, valour, piety and generosity all blended in this great Queen.

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Keladi Chennamma - Ruled Over Smallstate, Keladi and proved a great and heroic queen.
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