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The Dravida Kings

The tenth year of his reign commenced. He started with his very huge army on mighty conquests. First, he proceeded northwards, defeated one prince after another and collected from them huge tributes.

The Dravidian Kings had often disturbed Kalinga in the south. They often joined hands to inflict pinpricks on Kalinga. On hearing the news that the King of Kalinga had gone northwards on his conquests, they considered it the most favorable moment to attack Kalinga and started the attack.

This news reached Kharavela. Kharavela, who had for a long time been thinking of teaching these Dravida Kings a good lesson, returned to the south with lightning speed. The Dravidian forces used a seaport, Pithunda, as their headquarters. Kharavela made a sudden attack on this port. This was most unexpected. The Dravidian army had assumed that Kharavela was far away and therefore it was quite safe.

The counter attack was as severe as it was sudden. The Dravidan Kings were utterly defeated- Pithunda was totally destroyed. The King’s anger was so great that he got the whole port town ploughed by donkeys. Not satisfied with this he attacked the Kings of Dravida themselves and shattered their confederation. They fled to their capitals to save their lives.

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