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His Family

What a misfortune not many details about him are available. It is not known how this mighty monarch spent his last days. Nor do we know who the great lady was, who gave birth to so great a son.

At least it is our good fortune that something is known about his wives and children. His first queen was Sindhula, a princess of Simhapatha. She was a generous as Kharavela. She worked hard to re-establish Jainism. She took interest to get monasteries built for Jain Sanyasis. She got cave dwellings specially constructed for the use of Jain hermits. Under her patronage, many Jain Sanyasis become missionaries to spread Jainism.

Mention has been already made of his other queen; named Vajiragharavathi who in the seventh year of Kharavela's reign gave birth to the heir apparent to his throne. His name was Koodepa. He was also strong and virtuous.

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