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The Prince - A New Hope For The State

It was 209 BC News spread in the capital that a son was born to the king, Mahameghavahana. The Prince was born at an auspicious moment. This brought some comfort to the people. It was the practice in those days to consult eminent astrologers when a child was born in the palace, to prepare his horoscope and give their opinion about the child's future. So King Mahameghavahana invited the most famous astrologers. They looked at the bright features of the baby, read his horoscope and were delighted. Their eyes gleamed with joy. They said, "This new born babe brings fame to his dynasty. He will become as great as the famous and just ancestor, the saintly king, Vasu. He will become a great hero and extend his kingdom by his mighty conquests. Bright days will soon dawn for Kalinga."

The subjects were overjoyed. 'May he live long' they all prayed.

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