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Young Kharavela

The Prince was named Kharavela. He had a well-built sturdy body with a bright brown complexion and an attractive personality. Even as a boy, he exhibited great skill and ability in every game, all was always the first. His fame spread a over the state. Everyone praised his virtues and ability.

Mahameghavahana rejoiced at the lively activities of the young Prince during his reign the state had regained its freedom. But the king was not quite happy because he had not been able to improve the lot of the people. The storm had caused terrible destruction. The utter defeat suffered by Kalinga, the hands of Ashoka had sapped all their courage and confidence. They looked lifeless. They had lost the confidence to face enemies. The miserable plight of the people had mad the king sad and depressed. He naturally believed that the birth of the bright and promising son was a God-sent boon. He believed that the boy would raise the country from its misery and bring back its prosperity. He wanted to train the young boy for his later responsibilities. So eminent scholars were appointed to teach the boy the art of administration as well as economics and other subjects. At the same time expert teachers wereappointed to teach him the use of different weapons. As he grew older the use of different weapons became his study, his hobby and his recreation. Healthy, strong and sturdy, quick and active by nature, and greatly interested in the practice of arms, he soon came to be known as a great soldier. His teachers were also proud and happy that the Prince who was given to their care had shaped so well.

As Kharavela grew up to be manly and strong, the peoples' faces grew brighter. A new hope kindled in them.

They decided to work for the progress of the country under his able leadership.

One auspicious day Kharavela was made the Crown Prince (Yuvaraja). He began to take active part in the administration. He was just fifteen or sixteen then. He continued as Yuvaraja for about nine years. After the death of his father, Mahameghavahana, he became the king of his country.

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