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A Challenge

While the king was engaged in the victory celebrations momentous news reached him.

Vidyadharadhivasa was a holy place in Kalinga. Kharavela's ancestors had bestowed much care on it. Two petty Sardars, Rathika and Bhojaka by name ruled over two small provinces on the western borders of Kalinga. They made bold to attack Vidyadharadhivasa and desecrate it.

This news enraged the king. At once he decided to teach the petty chieftains a lesson. He went with his army and attacked them suddenly. Poor fellows, they must have been under the false impression that the Kalinga soldiers weak and easily defeated, as in the olden days. They had not felt the heat of Kharavela's anger. Now they felt it.' They were routed completely by the mighty Kalinga army. The Sardars fell at Kharavela's feet and meekly surrendered to him all the emblems of their kingship including the crown. They begged for mercy. Kharavela was not only strong, but he was also generous enough to pardon those who surrendered to him and to treat them with honour. The Sardars were, pardoned. Never again did they make bold even to glance at Kalinga.

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Kharavela did not love to make war, but he was a terror to his enemies on hte battlefield
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