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A King Who Loved His Subjects

Having taught a lesson to Rathika and Bhojaka, Kharavela returned home and turned his attention to the welfare of his subjects. The capital was near the sea; yet it suffered periodically from want of drinking water. During the reign of the Nandas, the problem of drinking water had been solved by means of a canal, named Thanasuliavata. But that was two hundred and fifty years before; and both time and the terrible storm that raged for long during Mahamega- vahana's rule had damaged the canal. It had fallen into disuse. The canal had to be repaired; otherwise there could be no certainty of supply of drinking water. Therefore much money was spent torepair the canal. And once again, Kharavela did not collect any money from the people. The expenditure was met out of his own funds. To relieve the people of their poverty, he, on the other hand, waived all the taxes. The precious gems and wealth offered by the vanquished Rathika and Bhojaka as tributes had filled the state treasury.

If there is to be a king, he must be one like Kharavela ; We are indeed very fortunate' - so praised the happy subjects of Kalinga. His fame spread to the neighboring states too.

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