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Independent Life

After passing the B.A. examination Karve became a teacher in the Elphinstone High School. He worked for a year, but did not like government service, so he gave up the post. He undertook teaching in two or three schools for a few hours. In those days he would start teaching in Saint Peter's School at 6 a.m. It took Karve an hour to walk to that school. He had to get up at 4.30 in the morning, eat some rice mixed with curds and leave the house at 5, to walk to the school.

Karve found happiness in this way of life. His wife Radhabai managed the household affairs very well. Even in his poverty Karve brought four boys from his hometown and arranged for there Education. One of these boys later attained all India fame; his name – Raghunath Paranjape.

To the boys who came with Karve to Bombay for education he was like a Radhabai a mother.

Radhabai fell ill and returned to Murud. Her condition became very bad. Karve received the news that she died on Nagapanchami Day.

The whole night he could not sleep.

Next morning by six o' clock he was present for work in the school.

The Deccan Education Society was running the Ferguson College in' Pune. Gopal Krishna Gokhale requested Karve go to Pune from Bombay. Karve was appointed Professor of Mathematics in Fergusson College. Karve's relatives and friends began to compel him to marry again.

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Even in he rain Karve walked four miles, carrying provisions on his back
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