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A Heroic Act

Karve boldly told his relations and friends: "I am a widower. If I want to take a second wife, I will marry a widow." When Balakrishna Joshi, the father of Narahari Pant, heard about this decision, he said, "if you have decided to marry only a widow why search for one'? Why riot marry my daughter Godubai?"

The widow Godubai was in Sharada Sadan run by Pandita Ramabai. She was the sister of Karve's bosom friend Narahari Pant. Karve agreed to the suggestion. Karve and Godubai were married in Pune according to religious rites on 11 th March 1893. After the marriage Karve renamed his wife as Anandibai. Widow Godubai became the happily blessed Anandibai.

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Dhondo Keshava Karve- He brought education,equality,honour and joy into the lives of many people
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